Welcome to Jerky Haven! Where we offer only the finest beef jerky and Landjaeger produced by Taylor’s Sausage in Southern Oregon. Taylor’s Sausage has been hand crafting sausage and jerky since 1924 with secret family recipes. Using only the highest quality of ingredients available, this makes Taylor’s Sausage products one of the best brands to purchase. 

Don’t delay.  Get your taste of Taylor’s Sausage today. 


Our best selling product by far. One taste will tell you why. Tender smoked beef strips marinated in the original family recipe with a sweetness that will keep you coming back for more. Available in flavors of Original, Peppered, Garlic, Japanese, Hot & Spicy, Ghost Pepper and Habanero.

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Originating in Bavaria, this pork and beef sausage does not need refrigeration, it is smoked, air dried in an old world style and continues to cure with time. Great for the outdoorsy people who are on the go and need a good protein snack to keep them powered up!

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